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I'm Shelby. A 21 year old event planning major from Rhode Island. I’ve been blogging and vlogging off and on since 2007. I’m a pretty simple person but I’m loud and I’m proud of my quirks. So I’ve always kind of lived my motto. The simplest things in life are the grandest.


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Spring went by in a flash but it had some new things and some nice things about it while it was here. I liked being able to relax a little bit more and spend a bit more time outside. These are some of the other things I liked about spring!

I went on a mini shopping spree and bought a bunch of things from Forever 21 that I wanted to share with you all! Some of them are springy, some are summery and some are just universal. Make sure to check out Forever 21 for their Semi Annual Lingerie Sale ending on the 8th or if it’s already ended by the time you’re watching this, look out for some lovely deals over there. Links to everything I got are on the original video in the description.

Anonymous asked:
When you buy new food for your hedgie, make sure you mix it in slowly with her old food so that she can transition smoothly without an upset tummy. :)

Oh of course. That’s how we transitioned from her food when she was a little one to the food we currently use. 

Anonymous asked:
72 degrees in the room and hand warmers is not good enough for your hedgehog. K&H brand makes a small animal heating pad that can go directly under the cage (it's a small rectangle) that regulates its own temperature, turns itself on and off, and can't burn your hedgehog. It can go right under the plastic of the cage on the ground. It's a $25 investment and your hedgehog will be much happier. I put mine under her sleeping hut.

I will consider it but right now it’s summer and it’s definitely warm enough in my house and in her home. I appreciate you trying to help but my primary concern with something like that is putting it on top of bedding. When it starts to get cooler, I might invest in one but right now it’s a bit silly to get one. 

I have had her for many years now and I thought while I was making a video with Pip, I should tell you about Alice as well. Puggles are pug/beagle mixes and can be very interesting dogs. 

Her toys:

Red Bone:


Pink Bone:


Blue/Yellow Rubber and Rope:

Anonymous asked:
Gah, I lied. Pip has a small animal heating pad under her cage right?

She does not have a heating pad under her cage. I use hand warmers wrapped in a towel, keep my room at 72 ish and keep her cage right next to the heater. She also has a bed that has insulation in it so her own body heat stays inside of it. During the winter, I check her every couple of ours to make sure that she’s okay. I’ve also used those bean bags for sore joints that you heat up in the microwave to keep her warm. But they’re a little hot so I use a towel with those too. 

Anonymous asked:
Also, last thing! :) Consider getting a bucket wheel (google it) for your hedgie. They're much bigger and better for their little spines while they're running. The wheel you're using is quite narrow. Please please switch back to a high quality cat food. There's a reason hedgehog owners use it. It's the best thing nutrition-wise you can feed them, and those pet store owners were fools or making extra $ off that brand if they recommended it.

I don’t know how you know what my wheel looks like since I didn’t show it but Pip seems happy with it. I’ve never seen her have an issue but if she ever has one I’ll consider a bucket wheel. She’s just very picky about what she will run on because I tried to get her a different wheel and she was not having that. And I will be changing Pip’s food. 

Anonymous asked:
Hey Shelby! I have a hedgehog too, and I just wanted to pass along the info that Pretty Pets food actually contains very little nutritional content for a hedgehog. I would consider using a different type of food for your hedgie. Just because something says "hedgehog food" on it, doesn't mean it's good for them. Google "pretty pets bad for hedgehogs" and a Hedgehog Central forum link should come up with info about it, & alternative choices. :) You're giving yours "junk food".

Oh my gosh. Thank you for letting me know. My sister and I will switch to a food that is healthier for them. I had done a little bit of research but I saw some good reviews and I guess I should have dug deeper. I will change the link on my video too so that no one buys it!

Hedgehogs are interesting little animals and wonderful pets. So I decided to make a video talking about mine. Her name is Pip and she’s a little over a year old now. In my opinion these are the number one things you need to know before getting a hedgehog. 

Some links that helped me: (All of this guy’s hedgehog videos are great.)

Pip is now on Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free Indoor Adult Cat Chicken Recipe because it’s healthier than her previous food. She also really likes it a lot.

Have you seen my new video? My grands and blands for Winter! Now that spring is here, I came up with all of the things that I loved and didn’t love from this past winter. For all the links to what I talk about in the video, click the youtube logo on the video and check the description.