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I'm Shelby. A 21 year old event planning major from Rhode Island. I’ve been blogging and vlogging off and on since 2007. I’m a pretty simple person but I’m loud and I’m proud of my quirks. So I’ve always kind of lived my motto. The simplest things in life are the grandest.


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Inspiration is in Everything

I know it might seem odd but I find inspiration in a lot of things. One of those things being the lovely rocks I took a picture of. It’s hard to find inspiration for some. But I find it in interesting ways.

Some places sell polished rocks in a little bag. And recently I bought a bag. Now I know that seems silly. Some people might use them for a fish tank or a necklace or something of that nature but not me. I saw these rocks and saw an inspiration for my room. The cools of the blues and greens. The warmth of the corals. The mix of neutrals into them. It’s like having a color palette for a home. I want to feature them in a small catch all. I like to keep small bits of nature in the places that I live. I find inspiration in little things like nature. Even though they’re polished and probably not even real rocks, they’re still lovely. Another way I get myself inspired is to just create. Not think and just pick up some colored pencils and draw or go into Photoshop and throw things around. Inspiration finds different people differently. I’ve posted before about how snow inspired my fashion sense. Now a few colorful rocks are inspiring my home. I recommend looking around your house or somewhere you frequent and noticing a thing that draws your attention. Find something that you didn’t notice before. Something beautiful or interesting and let it inspire you. It’s really a nice feeling to suddenly get an idea for something stunning.

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