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I'm Shelby. A 21 year old event planning major from Rhode Island. I’ve been blogging and vlogging off and on since 2007. I’m a pretty simple person but I’m loud and I’m proud of my quirks. So I’ve always kind of lived my motto. The simplest things in life are the grandest.


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Life is like a Rollercoaster!

Normally, I’m not one for any ride that is fast, high, or on tracks but today we went to Kennywood Amusement Park in Pittsburgh and what a ride it was!

Before today, I had only really been on one roller coaster and it was a pretty mild one at Disney. After a little convincing I took the plunge and went on the Jackrabbit. It used to be the fasted roller coaster in the world. For good reason. My adrenaline was definitely pumping today! The Racer and the Jackrabbit were the only roller coasters I went on but I was on more rides today than I think I’ve ever been on in one day. It was so much fun! The first ride I went on with my little sister and mom had us side split laughing the entire time. I’ve never been a fan of the New England Six Flags so I wasn’t very excited for something similar but Kennywood was really cool! Pittsburgh has a lot cool places to go that aren’t overly touristy. I really recommend Kennywood for anyone who hasn’t been before and might spend time in the area. It was an awesome time for everyone. One of the things I probably liked the most was that it is historic. One of the coasters I went on was originally built in 1927! How insane is that? There were some really cool buildings and rides that were old but still safe. There were some antique cars too which are right up my family’s alley. It had a cool retro vibe and a wide array of great rides that were endless fun.

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