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I'm Shelby. A 21 year old event planning major from Rhode Island. I’ve been blogging and vlogging off and on since 2007. I’m a pretty simple person but I’m loud and I’m proud of my quirks. So I’ve always kind of lived my motto. The simplest things in life are the grandest.


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Coral Case!

I’ve had my new phone case for over a week and it’s traveled with me so I think it’s time for a review!

This phone case is the Grip Candy Essential case by Belkin in Coral and Grey. It’s about $25 and you can find it online but I got mine at FYE. If you notice the side of this case, it has no seam. Unlike my last case it isn’t a snap together hard case. It’s a pull around sort of hard sort of soft case. It still has a lip though to help protect the screen. It has a hole for the headphone jack, charging slot and speakers. The buttons on the sides are all coral. The case is hard black plastic around the camera. I like this case a lot because it’s smooth and feels good to the touch. It is really easy to keep clean. I haven’t had any hard drops with it and I don’t know if it makes my phone as invincible as my old one did but it covers all the parts the old one did. The lip around the edges doesn’t cover as much as the old one did though. I love the colors, the feel and how the lock button is flat enough that it doesn’t unlock in my bag. I don’t really like that it can come off the edges with a little push of your thumb. It will still cling but the screen is much more vulnerable. The case doesn’t seem to dent or chip though because of the material. I like how this case looks much more than my old one and I’m glad I got it. The price is comparable to my old one. I’ve gotten things from Belkin before so I know that they are a good brand and I’m hoping this case will last me a long time.

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