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I'm Shelby. A 21 year old event planning major from Rhode Island. I’ve been blogging and vlogging off and on since 2007. I’m a pretty simple person but I’m loud and I’m proud of my quirks. So I’ve always kind of lived my motto. The simplest things in life are the grandest.


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Pumped Up Protein

A lot of people look at protein powder as gross protein shake mix for body builders. But it’s a great thing to have on a regular basis.

Protein is one of the best ways to get energy. If you think about it, you don’t feel groggy after you’ve had a nice steak. Unless you’re stuffed, you feel energized. Protein powder is great for energy. You can mix it with water, milk, or into things like smoothies. I’ve actually been adding about a quarter of a cup to those strawberry banana smoothies and having those in the morning to get me pumped up. You don’t have to be a work out junkie to use protein powder. Trust me, I’m terrible at working out. It’s a great way to get protein though. They come in a ton of different flavors. This one tastes kind of like peach yogurt. So when I mix it in the smoothies it tastes really good. You could get any flavor you prefer though. For people like me who don’t have a lot of meat in their diet, you can try adding this to your waters instead of a flavor packet. I love having it around the house because I do have issues with eating regularly and sometimes having dizzy spells. Eating things with sugar, protein or potassium is a good way to recover quickly from a dizzy spell. I prefer protein the most though because it gives you energy without crashing. You don’t have to make a thick gross protein shake to get the bump that you need in the morning or whenever you’re feeling a little drained.

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